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    1. Will language be an issue?

All of our partner hospitals have staff who speak fluent English. eQui will ensure interpreters for our international clients speaking Arabic.


    2. I would like to travel with my family/friend is that advisable?

You can travel with your family/friend. He/she would need a valid passport and may need a visa. Do mention it while you contact us and we will find a place that meets your needs.


     3. Where do I get information on travel requirements, vaccinations and safety in different countries?

We at eQui will provide all the necessary information about your destination and requirements for your trip. You will need a valid passport to travel, eQui will assist you with the visa procedures.


    4. Who will be handling my case during my travel/treatment?

We at eQui will be a assigning a Patient Relationship Manager (PRM) who will take care of all details related to the visit and the successful return to your home country.


   5. If I contact the hospital directly will it be a cheaper option?

The quote that you get from eQui is directly from the hospital and is discounted. Know more about how eQui can help. (link to services page)


  6. What additional services will eQui provide?

Our team will assist you to:

find the best suited treatment offers from our partner hospitals and clinics

communicate with the hospital on your behalf

answer all your queries about hospitals, doctors, procedures and destinations

arrange appointments

arrange your flight, accommodation and local travel

understand medical reports and provide translations for the same

to know more about our services click here


  7. Where will I be staying during the course of my treatment?

eQui will provide you with options of stay you could choose from. We will be coordinating with you to make sure you are booked in an accommodation of your choice well before you leave your home country. We will also share with you the stay facilities at the hospital before you start your journey.


 8. What documents should I be carrying with me while on travel/treatment?

You will need to carry your travel documents like passport and visa. Apart from this you will need to carry:

medical information / lab test reports

Copy/originals of all medical reports and medication

CD copies of any scans like MRI/CT/ECHO

Referral notes from the doctor at your home country

International Calling Cards Credit Cards

Contact Information for friends, family, doctors and embassies


  9. Are there tests I need to get done before I start my journey?

There may be preoperative tests that your doctor may ask to ensure that you are fit for the planned medical procedure or surgery. These will be explained during your consultation with the doctor.


 10. What are my advantages of using eQui?

eQui provides you a one stop platform where you will be able to choose and access information about hospitals, procedures, and services.  You could request for a price estimate for a procedure you would want to do and compare with other hospitals helping you choose the best option for you.

eQui will take care of all logistics be it flights, local travel and stay.  We already have established relations with your chosen hospital and doctors so that the entire process is very smooth. Our team will facilitate sharing your medical information with the concerned doctors. We will also be able to facilitate communication with the doctor providing all language translations making the entire process very comfortable.


 11. What happens post treatment, how will I manage after care in my home country?

eQui will continue to be at your service after you return home. We will help you with follow-up consultations with the doctor and reports that may be needed.


 12. Does eQui give medical opinions?

No, eQui does not give any medical opinions. The concerned doctors and medical staff will be able to give you an opinion about your illness/condition. eQui serves as a platform for people to access the best healthcare options across the world at an affordable price.


 13. Will I be able to connect with my family/friends back home during my treatment process?

Yes, eQui will facilitate internet connections, local mobile networks etc. making it easy for you to be in touch with your family and friends back home.


 14. Can I go sight seeing in the destination city?

Our team will help you with arranging for sight seeing or exploring the city. To know more about our destination cities click here.


 15. Can I know the doctors credentials before I start the treatment process?

Yes, we do provide with details of doctors before you start the process of choosing the right treatment option for you. You could see detailed profiles of our doctors here.