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Why is planning important?

Without a plan, all of us are bound to encounter errors, surprises, delays, cost overruns and avoidable compromises. A plan, on the other hand, helps us organize resources and activities efficiently, and effectively to achieve goals. With health and treatment being the core, our planning ensures nothing goes wrong.


We understand that health is precious for both you and your loved ones. We ensure to explain every stage clearly to you before you begin your journey and procedures - starting from mapping your history, old reports and initial assessments, to detailed evaluation, and final diagnosis. This transparency continues during and after the procedure. eQui continues to be in touch with both the doctor and your family even after receiving medical treatments in India, and after you fly home. We also have an independent panel who guides us on the efficacy.


eQui, meaning equal, helps you achieve complete wellness—across the seven dimensions. Wellness and preventive health at eQui is not limited to finding solutions to treat physical pain. This is just the initial step. Wellness is complete when it is experienced, learned, practiced and habituated, placing you in the threshold of an optimal life. Wholesome wellness is a delightful existence, which contributes to you both inwardly as well as outwardly. Beyond just sharing knowledge with you, eQui also helps you experience wellness. Through our curated and well researched experiences, we open the door to a meaningful life. eQui helps you attain customised wellness by advising you on the various opportunities to experience, gain knowledge, and practice wellness in a simplified manner.

We offer you experiential, purpose, and therapeutic wellness, and allow you to pick and choose your wellness experience depending on your need.


In certain medical conditions, it is beneficial to consider wellness from a therapeutic standpoint. This enhances the chances of improving pre-surgery or pre-procedure health, speeds up recuperation to get back to full health faster, and in some cases helps you avoid recurrence of the same medical condition. Even after recuperation, the scope for optimizing ones life remains and if tapped can help the person live a happier life