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Can Cardiovascular diseases be reversed or avoided?

What are heart diseases and their impact on people?

Heart diseases occur in different kinds and covers all ailments relating to the heart including the blood vessels and circulatory system. Apparently, heart diseases are still responsible for about 1 in every 4 deaths in the world. With dangerous alterations in lifestyle, the fear is looming large among people about any impending criticalities to the heart. The segment of people who already have issues like high blood pressure, cholesterol etc also are in the risk bracket of dangerous heart conditions.

What causes heart ailments? How does hormonal imbalance occur?

The causes of diseases also can be attributed to several aspects like food habits, lack of exercise, lifestyle etc. In addition to this, how you behave also has an impact on cell reactions which in turn cause diseases. Prolonged stress can cause disharmony between the mental and physical dimensions of the body causing issues in health.

Advancements in treatment and its impact? What does it miss out?

The last few decades have seen tremendous advances in diagnosis and treatment of these diseases which has considerably reduced mortality and have improved prognosis. While medical practices have only dealt with the aspect of physical, psychological and pathological impact of chemicals and treatments on the human body, there is still a dimension of healing which invokes the inner soul and spiritual healing, which according to many practices is the root to healing the cause.

How does that happen? Can it happen in isolation or with lifestyle and dietary changes?

Our body is made up of cells which have the capacity to regenerate. In case of a critical heart condition, if diagnosed at the right time and by creating a balance between the mental and physical health, the disease can be completely cured. Meditation is a catalyst for creating this balance. Happiness or peace of mind reduces cell reactions and thus promotes good health.

Let us get introduced to meditation, a form of lifestyle which cleanses both body and soul and frees us from disease.

The Mount Abu Open Heart Trial under the leadership of Dr. Satish Gupta conducted a study on 123 heart patients with different complexities. The test was aimed at understanding the competence of healthy and happy lifestyle in dealing with heart diseases. The patients underwent a 7 day residential sojourn which included a healthy diet, exercises and stress management through meditation. Some of its striking practices included training in self-responsibility and self-empowerment through inner-self-consciousness. The patents were then brought in for a follow up training after six months. This was accompanied by angiography and a battery of tests for all parameters relating to cardio vascular illnesses at the end of 2 years. The results were impressive. 360 coronary lesions were analysed. In Coronary artery disease patients with most adherence to their training lessons, percent diameter stenosis regressed by 18.23 ± 12.04 absolute percentage points. 91% patients showed regression and 51.4% lesions regressed by more than 10 absolute percentage points. Hence proved that Happy and healthy lifestyle has close relation to heart diseases . However, it is equally important that the patient adheres to the lifestyle modifications by atleast 50% to achieve a significant change.

The American Heart Association systematically reviewed data on the potential benefits of meditation on cardiovascular risk.

How do we avoid or reverse a heart condition?

Understanding meditation and self-relaxation techniques is critical in achieving a happy and healthy lifestyle. Meditation teaches you to train your body to live in the present and ward off thoughts of the past and the future. Present brings peace to the body and soul. Peace helps the body secrete hormones that impart harmony. Peace is an experience which is a key to avoid a heart condition or reverse an already existing one.

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It becomes imperative for people to identify their shortcomings in connection with health and take corrective and proactive steps to a healthy and happy lifestyle. It is also equally important for ‘healthy so far’ people also to redeem your healthy living habits to ensure diseases are at bay.  

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