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Terms and Conditions

The usage of this website and its contents is bound by this agreement. Any person availing the services of this website does so only with the complete concurrence with the terms of usage of this website. If you do not agree with this agreement, you may not use the website, its content or services at any time with or without notice. Usage of the services and content of this site would be taken to understand that you agree to the terms and conditions of this website. It is also understood and accepted that all users to the website are above the age of 18 and are legally eligible to consent to this agreement. Users may not use this site for any purpose which violates the local, national or international laws.

1. While eQui has tried its best to consolidate relevant information to make it easy for an individual seeking medical assistance or wellness solutions in India, the content of the website including text, images, diagrams, graphics and others referred to as content is only a reference guide and is not to be used as an alternative for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. We encourage users to make use of our platform to connect with specialists and seek their advice on any questions regarding their medical or wellness queries. The information provided in this website should in no way delay consultation with a professional.

2. The content presented in this website is created with utmost care and clarity with an intention to guide a client through the right processes. However, eQui may not be held responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on various topics given in the website.

3. eQui has undertaken a rigorous protocol for identifying partner hospitals, doctors, wellness centres, yoga centres, retreats, travel agents, logistic and hospitality partners. We believe that they will provide our clients with the best care and comfort during your stay here. Despite this, eQui cannot be held responsible for the quality of hospitals, wellness centres or third party agencies listed on this website. We firmly believe that we can only guide you, but the final choices will only be yours. eQui does not recommend or endorse any specific hospitals, doctors, wellness centres, tests, physicians, countries, procedures, opinions or other information that may be mentioned on the website. Banking on any information provided on the website is solely at your own risk.

4. Hospitals, clinics, therapy centres, wellness centres or any other places of treatment or wellness that are introduced through the website are responsible for the treatment or wellness scheduled including but not limited to medical, surgical, cosmetic and wellness procedures. eQui or any other affiliated partner may not be held responsible for any concern like emergency or medical complications arising from the present treatment or the patients past or present condition. This is the sole responsibility of the treatment centre and the specialist concerned. eQui or any of its agents or assigns shall not be liable for any direct or indirect act that can be attributed to the services of the treating specialist, hospital or wellness centre, nor will eQui have any liability in case any third party claims, demands, suit, actions or other proceedings are initiated against the hospital, wellness centre, specialist or any of its personnel or any other person engaged by the hospital, wellness centre or specialist in the course of treatment and rehabilitation.

5. While a user provides personal information to eQui, it is correctly understood by the user that they are above the legal age to provide their personal details and the details will be sent to hospitals, wellness centres, therapists or doctors for purpose of consultation, diagnosis and advice. The information provided will also be stored in eQui’s database to contact you at a later date.

6. eQui is a dynamic platform. We will update the terms and conditions of the website as and when applicable. Continued use of the website even after the changes are made will imply that you agree with the amended terms of usage. By using this website , you agree to its terms and conditions and you fully understand that this agreement is a legal equivalent of a signed, written contract

7. Service description: eQui is a medical tourism company operating in India, middle east and Africa providing end to end support to patients seeking treatment options, rehabilitation and wellness solutions in India. In this nature of its work, eQui has collated publicly available information for the user’s personal use and benefit to help you take a well informed decision for your treatment and rehabilitation. eQui will guide and assist you with relevant data and statistics to enable you to make a well informed choice. Furthermore, eQui will be available throughout your stay in the country and assist you with all procedures required.

8. Indemnity: By using the website, you agree that eQui, its staff and affiliates are not responsible for damages, injuries, liabilities and losses arising from your use of this website or its services. Notwithstanding the above, eQui, its directors, promoters, employees or any of its agent or assignees shall not assume any responsibility or liability for any inconvenience caused or loss suffered by the customer/user/subscriber on account of technical problems pertaining to the use of the website.

9. All financial transactions pertaining to the user’s treatment and rehabilitation procedures have to be settled between the treating hospital/centre and the client. eQui will not be responsible for any refund/claims if any from either parties. Each hospital and wellness centre is solely responsible for its offers, benefits and services provided and eQui does not in any manner recommend or advocate the authenticity of the respective hospital or wellness centre. There exists no employer- employee relationship between the hospital or wellness centre and eQui .

10. The information about drugs or medication contained in the website is general in nature and is only for the user’s knowledge. It does not cover all possible uses, actions, precautions, side effects or interactions of these medicines. The information is not intended as medical advice or for making an evaluation of risks and benefits of using them. Please use them only after a consultation with a qualified professional.

11. Dispute resolution: All disputes pertaining to the use of this website or any terms and conditions relating to the website shall be resolved by arbitration in terms of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (Act). The arbitration shall be conducted by a sole arbitrator appointed in terms of the Act and the venue of arbitration shall be Bengaluru and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Bengaluru.