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EQUI services are designed to take the weight off your shoulder, so that you can relax and focus on getting treated and recover completely.

6 steps to Health

Know and understand treatment/wellness options for you

No matter what your health concern is, eQui will help you with the right guidance and information to take the best decision pertaining to:
Possibilities and opportunities of treatment for your or your dear ones health condition
Facts and evidences for ratification of the avenues lined up for you
Right experts and facilities for you or your dear ones care and cure
Make you aware about the complete journey including recovery
Destination experiences you may want to explore


Planning and Estimation

Having arrived at the right choice to ensure you get the best solution for your health condition, we help create a tailor-made PLAN for you that covers medical Visa arrangement, ticket availability, days of stay in hospital, days of stay in the city, transportation, communication, boarding, lodging, tour, wellness as well as any specific experience that you are seeking while on treatment tour, keeping all variables in mind. We also give a consolidated estimate that will help you define your budget.


Facilitate your eQui health tour

We facilitate your health tour end to end starting from advisory to the time you recuperate. This will help you focus on your or your near ones’ health and wellbeing during the journey to recovery. We ensure every experience is seamless and there are no surprises. While our assistance online is 24/7, you may choose to have an eQui expert taking charge of output and your experience or you may want someone just to be with you to assist you while you execute the plans. eQui assures you a delightful stay with treatment and its success being the core.



You or your dear ones’ health is precious, and at the core of all this, is the solution you have opted to fulfil your health expectation. We ensure that each stage starting from mapping the history, old reports and initial assessments to detailed evaluation and final diagnosis is very clearly explained to you by the delivering facility before the procedure begins. This transparency continues both during and after the procedure. eQui continues to be in touch with both the doctor and the family even after you or your near one flies home after receiving medical treatments.


Guiding you through your recovery

We assist you during the phase of recuperation whether you are at the medical treatment facility at the destination or back home. eQui ensures that you or your dear one aligns with the recuperation protocol till the time you are checked out of eQui’s facilitation desk, ensuring that you are living your optimal life.


Preventive Health care

We cherish you being a part of the eQui family. This is why you will continue to receive healthcare related offers, information and guidance on health-related matters with the focus on preventing recurrence, helping you optimise the quality of your life through customised programs.