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Equi have a modular delivery plan hinging on

  • For modern medicine, we have brought together a panel of renowned Sr. Consultants covering Urologists, Neurosurgeons, Bariatric Surgeon, Cardio specialists, Orthopaedic surgeons, Oncologists, Gastroenterologists and paediatric surgeons across all these specializations. This along with Equi’ s associations with reputed hospitals with the best of technology, infrastructure and paramedics in multiple cities ensures best combination of skills & Infrastructure to deliver cure and care
  • For Wellness and Ayurveda, we have a 108 year old tradition and 4 generations of captive development waiting to serve you in Kerala “the gods own country”.
  • This platform will be extended to you through a well laid out 8 step, hassle free and free of cost process covering.

a) Free consultation and advice on primary diagnosis, specialist opinion and travel and tour consulting – Validates your actual healthcare needs and help you decide on right investment including tour.

We understand that any patient will look for a secondary or tertiary care when they are made to realize that there is no treatment available or needs a superior intervention. We will aim to ratify the condition and diagnosis on sending the details and recommend a way forward by consulting with the service providers. The diagnosis validation may be an iterative process but Equi will strive to ensure that a patient only travels when the benefit is convincing to us, our client and most importantly to the panel of doctor or service providers.

The benefit is with respect to cure or betterment of patient’s health condition, the cost and the overall experience of medical tour that the patient and the intervening eco system will go through. There are experiential factors beyond the treatment which Equi will account for under tour consulting and will essentially cover factors beyond the primary aim of treatment. Equi will simplify this by ensuring decision making support on travel, stay, translator services, arrangements for care taker etc.

b) Decide the Treatment mode – Get benefits from apt choices between 5000 year old Ayurveda & Yoga or the best of modern medicine for curing your condition

Apart from the Modern medicine, you always have an option of looking at parallel medicine for treating cases which have not reached to a level of complexity or doesn’t have an effective treatment under the modern medicine. There are proven Ayurveda treatment for a lot of medical conditions related to skin, head, spine, back, bone, stomach related problem. If you are looking for rehabilitation, detoxification and restoring physical and mental wellness, Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation are considered the best option especially for the older generation. We will ensure that you are guided based on proven facts and in consultation with your specialists to make the right choice.

c) Choose your Destination – Finalize the city, stay, tour and travel plan as per your preferences and priorities

We tailor a plan depending on the need balancing the budget, the expectations and availability. Choice of a destination is predominantly driven by patients or care taker’s preferences and priorities but is always preceded by treatment requirements and doctor’s advice. A treatment traveller may choose to stay back for rest in India for rest and recuperation depending on his condition and doctor’s advice and hence can continue his stay as a tourist at the choicest of location depending on budget.

Equi understands comfort plays a major role in the experience and hence we will also be considering your preference with respect to proximity, topography, climatic conditions, setting of the service provider facility, scope for tourism, stay options etc.

d) Finalize your Treatment plan – From multiple choices and post getting thorough opinions from specialists; Finalize the doctor, Hospital, Schedule and cost which serves the best purpose and finalize

The most important of all. We provide options of treatment available in consultation with the right service providers and specialists. This along with schedules, estimate of treatment and complete itinerary is worked out to provide a comprehensive service &cost outlay to the patient or his care taker. Equi will then transparently help its client to take a decision. Our experts will ensure that the process of decision making is simplified.

In cases of patients belonging to countries where diagnostic services are not evolved, Equi may recommend a primary check-up in our destination or an Equi recommended centre near to the city of stay of the patient to diagnose the case and recommend treatment accordingly.

e) Facilitate your complete Journey for re- claiming health – Assistance during the entire journey by being proactive and avoiding surprises to ensure delight

Post the plan is finalised meticulously, we help mobilize the same. The finalized itinerary is then signed off and coordinated to ensure a hassle free experience. This starts with a confirmation of patient’s onset for the treatment from the port of departure to his arrival at the destination port to transportation to admission in hospital to confirming the procedure to discharge, post treatment advice recording, to stay, tour, return to home and post procedure follow up.

All through your journey, we will ensure expectation setting proactively with all the contributors in the eco system to ensure that you have a seamless experience. There is always a chance of changes and iterations but Equi will endeavour to avoid surprises by minimizing changes unless there is situational benefit to your health and experience.

f) Assist you through the phase of recuperation – We will be around to take care of you till complete recuperation and follow up culmination.

We will endeavour to track the post treatment advice and follow up with the patient to understand how well he/ her is recuperating and help trigger consultations or re-visits as may be required as a part of the post treatment advice.

Our quality mandate just doesn’t stop at your leaving the destination port but we will stay with you till you have completely recuperated and have met purpose. Your constant feedbacks will be looked in to seriously to improve the quality of our services.

g) Specialist health check-up camps / certified local primary evaluations – you getLocal qualified connect, If required, for primary evaluations unless your reports proves otherwise

We arrange specialist health check camps and local primary evaluations in consultation with certified clinics and hospitals in your country.

Camps are facilitated through the healthcare service providers in India whom we are associated with. This gives an opportunity to all the patients minimize the validation time by being present during the camp and consulting the specialist to understand treatment and whether an intervention would be required.

Local primary evaluations are done through certified doctors whom we will refer you to for an in person assessment if available or needed.

h) Personal documentation and filing – to ensure thatyou and your doctor have access to your treatment documents on call, anytime.