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Value Proposition

EQUI helps you get great secondary and tertiary healthcare options which is end to end and from best of medical professionals using most advanced technologies which is brought to you by healthcare brands of international repute. This comes with a choice of facilities to suit everybody’s pocket across all specializations and advanced practices.

EQUI works with a healthcare ecosystem known for skills, end to end International patient service capability, commitment to the cause and most importantly Ethics. Our panel includes healthcare entities and individuals with goodwill created over a period of time. We have natural tollgates in our process to ensure realistic commitment w.r.t diagnostics evaluation, treatment planning and execution, cost, transparency and zero deviation from ETHICS.

We understand that being in a hospital can be slightly frightening, and being in a foreign country is even more overwhelming. But with EQUI, you can be rest assured that you’re with the best. And we’re here to guide you, not only with regard to your treatment, but complete cycle starting from evaluating options till your recuperation.

We may consider a patient only when the following benefits are evidently clear

  • Treatment warrants a secondary or tertiary intervention unless primary intervention is not available or the patient doesn’t want to avail in his own country
  • Treatment which is better than what the patient’s country or present destination of stay can offer.
  • Treatment at a considerably lower cost but at same standards or better
  • Treatment is available in the country of origin or stay but there is a waiting period
  • Patient is more comfortable with options being provided by Equi
  • Patient wants to precede his treatment with a tour or want to spend recuperative period or period after medical intervention in one of the tourist destinations in India. However, this will only be considered based on doctors’ advice.
  • Treatment is not covered under medical insurance in patient’s country due to regulations.

Equi will be toll gating all service requests as per the regulations (travel, stay and medical) of the country of treatment. This is to ensure that our healthcare clients don’t face any issues post his decision on the treatment tour.