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EQUI’s collaborative approach have given ABIR a new hope for life



EQUI’s collaborative approach helped Abir to regain her independence and strength after a traumatic head injury due to major road traffic accident. The impact of the injury was very deep and that left her completely paralyzed. She was conscious but not responsive when they came to India for a holistic rehabilitation programme. EQUI had done all the necessary arrangements in India for her holistic rehabilitation programme. The result of the intensive rehabilitation was very satisfactory and brought remarkable changes in her life from being dependent to self-reliant.  She can now walk, speak, write and take normal food orally.


 The consequences of a brain injury can affect all aspects of a person's life, including physical and mental abilities as well as emotions and personality. Accepting changes in oneself after a brain injury can be extremely difficult. But denying rather than accepting the changes, over the long run, will definitely be more painful — for the injured person and their families.  We can improve their level of independence and make some difference in their life through a tailored rehabilitation programme.


Recovery after brain injury is a process that occurs in stages. Defining the severity of head injury is important because they provide some information about the expectations for recovery. The injury may cause different problems, depending upon which parts of the brain were damaged affects a person's abilities and behaviors.


 A structured environment can be very essential for the recovery of a head injury survivor. In Abir’s case also, the doctors and the rehab team made the complete plan to address her needs. Initially it was very challenging for them team because her visual tracking was very poor for verbal commands, her movements was not purposeful, she had tightness all over her body and she was confined to bed.


The skilled rehab team had transformed Abir’s life to the level from completely bed ridden to become independent for doing any activities. All forms of therapy which included physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech & swallow therapy were given to improve her body functionality. The speech and swallow therapy helped her ability to communicate effectively and safely swallow the normal food. The occupational therapy was more focused on improving her ability to perform activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, toileting, and getting up from bed by herself.  Physio therapy was more of stretching and strengthening, gaining her balance improving her coordination and making her movement purposeful.


The tremendous effort of rehab team and the support from her family made her to build the confidence that helped Abir to achieve highest level of independence in her life.


The road to recovery can be worrying and sometimes challenging process if you or your loved one is not properly cared for. Ignoring a serious brain injury for long can cause life-long damage. So for regaining your freedom, opting for the appropriate rehabilitation program becomes necessary.
That is why choosing the correct health care provider and the correct therapy program can make all the difference in Your Life.


EQUI arranges neurobehavioral and neuro rehabilitation programs to tackle each and every problem of the injured patient and help them to achieve the highest level of recovery and independence. We identify the potential in each patient and try restore their independence to the maximum level.  Our approach encourages them to rebuild their self- esteem and have a positive outlook.


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