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Feel The Unique Experience of Patient care With Equi - Sakra World Hospital Association



Equi arranges excellent and effective medical care depending on your requirement and preferences. Our expertise will help patients recover to the fullest by providing care in the proper care setting. We will guide you throughout your treatment process and also ensures the best possible outcomes.


 Equi join hands with Sakra World Hospital, to provide an advanced medical care options with state of the art medical technology adapted from Japan. Sakra hospital is a super specialty hospital in Bangalore with 350 bedded facilities. Apart from being a global outsourcing centre and IT hub, Bangalore is now the health giver to the world. The standard of medical practice ranks among the best in the world . Sakra holds the best of Japanese technology in medical care and also has a competent team of medical staff which has been trained by the Japanese experts. Sakra World Hospital is a blend of highly focused patient care equipped with CCU/ICU/ NICU/ PICU/ SICU.  We have identified that Sakra hospital is providing excellent and effective treatments specially for the diseases of gastrointestinal, liver and pancreas. Their Neuroscience department also provides exceptional quality services. Skra hospital’s Neuro rehab center delivers significant neurological improvement that benefits patients with long-lasting health and brain function. The rehab center is equipped with a full service rehab gym for physical and occupational therapy, and can accommodate patients with special needs.


Our strong association with the hospital management team and specialist doctors enable us to provide you a unique experience of patient care in Sakra World Hospital. Equi and the hospital team work together to reduce the length of time you are hospitalized and reduce medical complications. With our help tests can be interpreted faster, decisions about treatment can be made more quickly, treatments can be modified and care can begin sooner. You will get regular review of treatment to ensure everything is working perfectly. We will be right there with you throughout the entire treatment process.


To know more about the benefits of Equi – Sakra World Hospital Relationship write to connect@equi.in or whatsapp   your query to +96890188309