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Bloodless and painless surgery for enlarged prostate with laser technology



HoLEP (Holmium Laser Enucleation of the prostate) is a modern alternative to traditional surgery for the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms by removing obstructing tissue from the prostate, using a laser. The overall goal of the procedure is to improve urine flow, and to remove noncancerous tissues in the prostate that block such flow.


This minimally invasive technique may also be done to treat and/or minimize the complications like, recurring urinary tract infections, Kidney or bladder damage, Inability to control urination (incontinence) or an inability to urinate at all (urinary retention) and stones in the Kidney, Bladder, Ureter and Urethra (Urinary Passage). The usage of this technique lessens hospital stays for a patient, less blood loss and most importantly leaves no scar on the patient’s body.


The advantages of the HoLEP laser technique are multiple. These may include: -


  • Any size of the prostate gland can be treated using HoLEP.

  • Discharge is often quicker with some patients going home the same day.

  • Catheter is removed within 24.

  • Much lower blood loss during and after surgery.

  • Tissue obtained from this method are sent for biopsy to detect prostate cancer, which is not possible with other treatment options

  • The chance of recurrence requiring further surgery is very low.

  • The procedure is safe for high risk people with diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.


Dr. T Manohar is an expert urologist with 12years of experience and delivered excellent outcomes in prostate surgery using HoLEP. He is one among few in the world to do large prostates (ranging from 100->350 gms) by HoLEP. He has got training and experience to treat kidney stones, various cancers and prostate diseases through these techniques. Dr. T. Manohar has been performing HoLEP since 2012 and has personally carried out over 500 of these procedures.


Patients suffering from Kidney stones, Ureteric stone, Bladder stone, varicocele and prostate problems can consult him at Gulf Specialized Hospital, Muscat on Sep 23rd and 24th 2017 or else you can contact  Equi, to get the treatment done in India.


For more detail write to connect@equi.in or  whatsapp   your query to +96890188309