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Offering The Highest Level of Care : Equi - Renai Medicity Association



Equi provide wide range of services for effective medical care to meet specific needs. We always suggest the best and the most feasible solutions for those who seek treatment.  We are continuously working with renowned medical teams to make patients feel comfortable in the most intimate environment.


  We are partnered with the best medical professionals and hospitals, offering the highest level of care and exceptional results to ensure full satisfaction. Renai Medicity hospital is one of the key partners whom we have preferred for certain specialization. Renai Medicity is a multi-super specialty hospital in Cochin, Kerala.  The city is well connected by direct flights with all the major Middle East countries . Medical services in Kerala are both world class and economical and this what makes Kerala a preferred destination for all your medical travel needs. This hospital is best known for providing high quality treatment options in heart care (cardiology), diabetic care and bariatric surgery.  Renai Medicity is equipped with state-of-the art medical technology and using the latest surgical techniques for treatment and have 500 patient beds, 15 Operation theatres including Hybrid theatres for cardiothoracic surgeries.  The other key known factor about Kerala is the in-depth knowledge & wide practice of Ayurveda consultation. Another speciality of Renai Medicity is they have integrated Ayurveda with modern medicine for effective rehabilitation program.


Our collaborative approach with the hospital team will help to get attention and priority in each and every stages of recovery and follow up process. Our strong relationship with the hospital team ensures an effective and hurdle free environment throughout your medical care stay. Our proficiency will provide you a unique experience of medical care.




To know more about the benefits of Equi – Renai Medicity Hospital Relationship write to connect@equi.in or whatsapp   your query to +96890188309