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Intensive rehabilitation transformed Muna’s life forever



Equi’s association with prominent rehabilitation center transformed Muna’s life forever. She is really an inspiration to others. If you have strong will power and firm determination, you can overcome all the hurdles in life despite of the circumstances. She is an example for that.  Her spinal cord was injured in a fatal car accident, which resulted her living a life with paraplegia, in short - paralysis. Paraplegia is paralysis of the legs and lower half of the body followed by loss of sensation, bladder control and erratic bowel movements. When a spinal cord is damaged, location is destiny: the higher the injury, the more severe the effects. The faster the person access treatment, the better his or her chances are at having the least amount of impairment possible.


Muna was so dependent on everybody around her and that was extremely difficult, when they came to India for an intensive rehabilitation programme. Equi had done all the necessary arrangements in India for her intensive rehabilitation programme. Equi ascertained the extent of impairment and worked with its panel experts to define recovery goals and timelines for Muna. The goals were then discussed with the family to set expectations. A prominent team of rehabilitation was signed up for the task at the lowest possible expense along with a well-coordinated stay, co-curricular activities and transportation arrangements as a package and with its ability to track, manage, mentor, counsel and motivate; EQUI ensured success of the program. She turned the darkest moment of her life into something bright. It was a complete life transformation for Muna. She now has mobility, freedom, and most importantly doing a part time job, who couldn’t even get in and out of the bed.


Experiencing a disabling condition can be very stressful and scary. The person who is motivated and tries harder has a better chance of getting better. Being in the right setting and getting the right level of care can be the most important decision. We can improve their level of independence and make some difference in their life through a tailored rehabilitation programme. The duration and frequency of the rehabilitative process is dictated by the degree of injury and disability. Because all spinal cord injuries are different, a unique plan needs to designed to help the person function and to succeed in everyday life


 In Muna’s case also, the doctors and the rehab team made the complete plan to address her needs. Scheduled physical and occupational therapy session in rehab helped her to build mobility, functionality and confidence level. With several kinds of exercise, she gained enough strength to take steps and walk with the aid of braces and walker, getting in and out of bed, balance, shift from the bed to her wheelchair and move freely.


Occupational therapy helped her to improve daily self-care skills, such as dressing, bathing, toileting, managing bowel and bladder function. The tremendous effort of rehab team and the support from her family made her to build the confidence that helped Muna to achieve highest level of independence in her life.


 Evidence shows that supporting and enabling patients to self-manage their conditions results in improved confidence, independence and a better quality of life. Recovery from a spinal cord injury (SCI) involves significant challenges and important choices – and where an individual goes for treatment can make all the difference.


Our aim is not only to provide treatment to Paraplegic, and any other severely challenged patients to overcome multiple disabilities but also to provide a sustainable, long-term solution through total rehabilitation.


Equi arranges neurobehavioral and neuro rehabilitation programs to tackle each and every problem of the injured patient and help them to achieve the highest level of recovery and independence. We identify the potential in each patient and try restore their independence to the maximum level.  Our approach encourages them to rebuild their self- esteem and have a positive outlook.


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