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Benefits of Equi - Columbia Asia Hospital Association



Equi provides a wide range of services for accessing high quality medical care. Our experience will assure in gaining quality and appropriate treatment. To achieve a positive outcome, we select the best hospital, surgeon and then form a structured and personalized treatment package that meets patient needs. We focus on evidence based treatment and identify the best doctor to ensure the quality care with best success rate. We have association with best physicians who works at best hospital with latest infrastructure and techniques. 


Depending on the budget Equi can find accredited facilities with proven track records to ensure the best experience with respect to treatment and support. The Columbia Asia Hospitals having 12 hospitals in India, one of the partners whom we have  identified for certain specialization. Our prolonged association with Columbia Asia Hospital and its medical and administrative team help us to get priority and effective focus to get opinion and also seamless focus on treatment and patient during medical care. Our relationship with the CAH team ensures continual focus starting from the time you get opinion till recovery even after you go back to your home country. 


Out of the 12 hospitals of Columbia Asia Hospitals in India, 3 of the top superspeciality hospitals are situated in Bangalore. They are equipped with advanced technology and infrastructure for effective treatment and comfortable stay. Now these three hospitals have super speciality covering Rehabilitation, Urology including pediatric, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics and medical oncology.  

 To know more about the benefits of Equi – Columbia Asia  Hospital Relationship write to connect@equi.in or  whatsapp   your query to +96890188309