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About Us

Born out of common aspiration, of a unit divided by profession and experience, to deliver value to global citizens and to address some great causes.

Health fuels living. Living fuels an individual to go beyond existence to happily contribute to family. A healthy society, community and world is a natural by product. Starting from the time when a couple plans a family throughout the life cycle of a human, health remains the primary foundation which inspires positive contribution beyond organic existence.

For us, healthcare was a natural choice, from inception of the thought to research to proving the pilot. With huge scope to reach, share, organise, collaborate and simplify Add to this, the scope for scale beyond organic growth which can deliver value to both healthcare clients, service providers and all intermediate value chains with compassion, ethics, transparency, care and diligence as the pillars. However, presently the scope is opaque, subjective, marred by iterations and unqualified but essential interventions which results in requirement of a platform that will become a necessity in future.

This scope to “equalise” is what EQUI attempts to translate through the following agenda.

  • Aim to help the global citizens “meet purpose” called LIVING!
  • Endeavour to help relevant capabilities &capacities reach the needy!
  • Ideate to collaboratewith eco system to broad-base delivery!
  • Outcome contributing to a healthy world!
  • Understanding to propel equal health to the unborn – through life, once born.

A collective 100 years of experience across hospitality, healthcare, operations, sales, marketing and technology becomes pivotal to this organization in striving for a mission and vision